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My SteemIt Project

I joined SteemIt about three weeks ago. SteemIt is a social network based on blockchain technology. SteemIt allows people to do blog posts and vote on their own and other’s posts and comments. The main difference between SteemIt and similar social networks like FaceBook and Reddit, is that with SteemIt, individuals get rewarded for blogging and curating with crypto-currencySteem, which can be traded for BitCoin or other crypto-currencies or sold for fiat currency.

How I Created My New SteemIt Cover

Yesterday, while viewing the collections for one of my Zazzle stores and noticing the covers I had created for those collections, the thought occurred to me that it would be nice to create a cover for my Steemit blog. After finding a tutorial on how to make a good Steemit cover, I gave it a try.

The tutorial I found is by @carlgnash—How I Made My Cover Image Look Good On All Devices. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make their own cover. @carlgnash’s instructions are clear and concise, he covers such considerations as content, color, size, aspect ratio, copying the cover to your account and changing the settings.