Drink Beetroot Juice Everyday for Health

Beets are one of the healthiest foods you can juice, hands down. If you have not ever tried beet juice, now is the time to start. Beet were regarded by many ancient cultures not as food but as medicine, a testimony to their potency.

Beets are rich in a very unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. Both betanin and vulgaxanthin, two highly researched betalains found in beets, have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.

Nutritional Profile of Raw Beets

    Here is a breakdown of what one cup of raw beets contain:

  • 58 calories
  • 13 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of protein
  • provides 15 of vitamin A,
  • provides 2% of calcium
  • provides 11% of vitamin C
  • provides 6% of iron

Pure Synergy Organics Beet Juice Powder with Naturally Occurring Nitrates 6.35oz
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