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Art2Me Winter Designs

Just added a new post on my Art2Me RedBubble store–it’s about the state of contemporary art and how that differs from modern art created in the mid to late 20th century–Why I like Modern Art.

Also, added some new designs you might enjoy. If you need clothing, phone cases, home decor or greeting cards for the 2016 Winter Holidays, please check out my new items:


Art2Me Portfolio on RedBubble

Sunflower Fantasy A-Line Dress by Art2Me
A field of sunflowers, on an autumn day at sunset. The colors are saturated and flat—orange, brown, jade green, marigold, blue and pink.

I have decided to open a new store on RedBubbleArt2Me. Here are a few of my designs in my portfolio:

Please check out my designs. RedBubble has some nice items you won’t find on other POD sites—A-line Dresses, Tapestries, All-Over-Prints Scarves. All with customized designs—one-of-a-kind wearable or usable art. If you have any special requests for designs or collections, please let me know. I would love to hear your ideas!

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