How Much Money Doctors Actually Make

How Much Money Doctors Actually Make

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

Erin Brodwin and Mike Nudelman

Not all doctors earn the same income. Orthopedists—doctors who treat bone and muscle problems—make the most on average. Pediatricians, or those who take care of children, earn the least. And white doctors take home significantly more than their equally qualified peers of color, regardless of specialty.

This data comes from the WebMD-owned medical resource Medscape, which crunches the numbers on self-reported annual income from more than 19,200 doctors across 27 specialties for its annual Physician Compensation Report. See the breakdown in the above graphic.

Doctors Are Making More Overall

Over the past seven years, the average physician’s income has steadily risen. The reason? “Intense competition for doctors,” said Travis Singleton, senior vice president of the national physician search firm Merritt Hawkins.

Competition for patients across hospitals, healthcare systems, and direct-care groups has been steadily increasing over the past decade. According to Singleton, the result is that doctors’ salaries have increased on average.

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