My SteemIt Project

I joined SteemIt about three weeks ago. SteemIt is a social network based on blockchain technology. SteemIt allows people to do blog posts and vote on their own and other’s posts and comments. The main difference between SteemIt and similar social networks like FaceBook and Reddit, is that with SteemIt, individuals get rewarded for blogging and curating with crypto-currencySteem, which can be traded for BitCoin or other crypto-currencies or sold for fiat currency.

So far, I’ve done a handful of blog posts and a fair amount of comments and replies to comments. Today, I spent most of my time trying to automate and leverage my SteemIt activities through other tools that have been developed by various coders and marketers that have sprung up around this exciting new network.

I plan on cross-posting my SteemIt posts here on my 400 Planets blog…

SteemIt @TheNinthArt


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