New Year’s Design Using Displacement Masks

For the end of 2015, I wanted to do a special New Year’s design, emphasizing the numerals in the year in a colorful and distinct way. I finally decided on using a Masquerade Motif, with the numerals of the new year and the old year overlaid with a mask and confetti pattern.

PhotoShop Tuts to The Rescue

With a fairly good idea of what I wanted to accomplish, I was lucky enough to find a good tutorial on how to achieve a text effect with an image overlay while learning the basics of using displacement masks. (See Patriotic Text Using Displacement Masks

Layer 1

The design begins with a PhotoShop document at 300 dpi, 7 inches by 5 inches. I inserted a layer and filled it with 50% gray, then added a Layer Style with a gray-to-transparent gradient overlay.

First Text Layer

Next came the 2016 text layer, using the Cooper Std font. I think I started at about 150pt, but later enlarged it to 208pt; adding several Layer Styles to add volume and depth to the text. This file got saved as the Displacement Mask. Next, adding the overlay.

2016 Displacement Mask

Masquerade Motif

The next step is choosing the image to overlay onto the text. I decided to use the masquerade pattern I had created for another New Year’s project. Briefly, I had to use the Displace filter, adjust the size of the overlay image, and then open the Displacement Mask. The Masquerade Pattern got overlaid onto the Displacement Mask, clipping it to the text.

2015 Reflection

After getting the 2016 image to a satisfactory stage, I decided to add 2015 as the reflection, instead of a mirror image of 2016. This took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got it to work.

Masquerade Pattern CloseUp Blog

Finishing Touches

To finish the image, I added Happy New Year in a different font and created a foil background using another version of the Masquerade Pattern, with several Layer Styles to create the faded, metallic foil look.

2016 Masquerade Mask Pattern Overlay

This design took a lot of work, but I think it was worth it. Maybe next year, I will do a new version, revising the dates and maybe use a different pattern for the overlay.

2016 Masquerade Mask Pattern Overlay blog

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