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T-Rex and the Moron

It’s To Laugh

I was watching one of my favorite news shows on TV when I heard the story about Secretary Tillerson calling President Trump a moron. As usual, I was multi-tasking, surfing channels to avoid commercials, checking my Zazzle sales reports on the Internet, etc.

About an hour later, it actually hit me: Tillerson called Trump a moron. I laughed out loud.

It’s sort of funny, but not really. It’s sort of surprising, but not really.

grey and red graphic rule

Not a Regular Moron

Lovely Easter Bunny Wine Charm

Lovely Easter Bunny Wine Charm
Lovely Easter Bunny Wine Charm by HolidayPlanet
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I did this design last year. My first Easter design, created mostly as a greeting card. The original design was from a public domain image I found, but I did add some original touches. I chose this image because I wanted an illustration of a bunny that was not too “cartoony” or overly cute.

People seem to like this design on wine charms. There are four charms in a set, each charm has a different background color.